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Westleigh Methodist Primary School

Westleigh Methodist Primary School

Covid 19 Information

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you have no doubt read in the news over the weekend the announcement by Public Health England and the University of Cambridge that the R value for the North West was 1.01. The R value is the rate of reproduction of the Covid-19 virus; this means for every 1 person who is infected they infect 1.01 people. Whilst Public Health England says that the R number around 1 is not necessarily a cause for concern they also point out that further investigation was needed to identify local outbreaks in the North West. However we understand that this means the infection rate is unlikely to continue the reductions we have seen so far and this poses a concern for us.

The R rate was one of the government’s five key tests that needed to be met in order to begin to open schools more widely alongside ‘track and trace’ measures running reliably. As previously stated it is essential that we continue to place the safety and well-being of all our school family at the fore of all our decision making. In making any decision to reopen the Trust has always considered a wide range of evidence including but not limited to the R rate. This new emerging picture has been discussed with the Acorn Trust Covid Committee in detail. The decision has been made to further delay the wider opening until at least Monday 22nd June.

We are conscious of the disruption this may cause to those parents that are trying to plan around the opening of schools and appreciate the difficulties that may occur; our decision making is always embedded within our risk assessments of the situation and our commitment to responding appropriately to the level of risk. We are hopeful that by the 22nd June we will have a clearer understanding of whether the R rate is continuing to sustain a decrease or otherwise enabling to further plan the safe return of pupils to school which is the aim of us all.

School will continue to be open to key worker and vulnerable children.

We would appreciate your continued support for the decisions taken. Your Headteacher will be in touch shortly with further information regarding your individual school. Please keep safe.

Yours sincerely

Julie-Ann Hewitt
Chief Executive Officer