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Westleigh Methodist Primary School

Westleigh Methodist Primary School


Autumn Term 1 2018

See what's happening this term in Nursery  : Autumn Term 1 Curriculum Map 

During the autumn term we have welcomed new children into our Nursery setting, some who have never attended Nursery before. The Nursery staff have also welcomed back children who attended during the last school year. It has been lovely helping and watching all the children settle into new routines, become more confident and independent. Some have re-kindled familiar friendships and others have made new ones. As part of our desire to strengthen and enhance our Nursery children’s self-esteem staff have introducing a ‘Marvellous Me!’ box to the children. They are encouraged to fill the box with three or four items which will tell the rest of the class something about them. Possible items may include the child’s favourite toy, favourite food such as chocolate, a favourite book, a photograph of their friends, family or pets etc.


The children had fun sharing with new friends: painting and decorating the box. They also enjoyed filling the box with their own treasures and there was plenty of excitement when discovering and looking at the different objects inside the box! Thank you to parents for helping your children bring their items from home. Any child who has not yet filled the ‘Marvellous Me!’ Box will be able to during this next half term. We look forward to seeing new treasures and the children being eager to share them with their friends.


Autumn Term 2 2018

See what's happening this term in Nursery  : Autumn Term 2 Curriculum Map

The Nursery children have noticed the change in the weather and the darker days. Lots of our activities have been themed around light and dark and we particularly enjoyed learning about Bonfire Night and fireworks.  We watched a film clip of fireworks so that we could listen to and discuss the different noises they make and used our voices, actions and instruments to recreate them.

We created a background for a firework display using lots of gross motor movements and paint to create circles and lines. We talked about the colours being bright and using black paper like the night sky. We made firework collages using different materials and foam stickers to talk about different shapes.


We have also been learning about owls and nocturnal animals. Our ‘Animals Take Over’ visit was lots of fun and helped us to learn lots of interesting facts. We created owl collages and used this activity as an opportunity to talk about textures and the characters, events and setting of the book ‘Owl Babies’. We enjoyed acting out the repetitive phrase “I want my Mummy!” and we also encouraged the children to record their voices using simple technology.

This half-term, we have learnt lots of new ‘magic maths’ words: over, under, patterns, numerals and the different names of 2D shapes. We have carried out different activities to help us to put these skills into a practical context. We have acted out ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’; made and counted animal footprints and looked closely at everyday objects and used mathematical language to describe them.

Sammy the Spider, our class glove puppet also likes to join in with all our activities and this really helps us to focus and settle the children in their learning. One of our favourite activities is when we sit together as a class to choose items from the song box. Children already have their favourites and lots of reward ‘apples’ are given out to children for joining in with the actions and singing. So far, this term, we have had ten apples on the tree at the end of every session- that’s a lot of stickers we have given out! 

We all agreed that our Nativity performance was fantastic. A great fun opportunity to develop our confidence and performance skills and understand Christmas as a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  We have enjoyed lots of Christmas activities like decorating the tree and making Christmas cards and the party will be a great finish to the end of a busy few weeks.

Spring Term 1 2019

See what's happening this term in Nursery  : Spring Term 1 Curriculum Map

The Nursery children came back from the Christmas holidays to find our snack area had been transformed into a cafe. This has had a significant impact on our social and communication skills: our chef takes orders and children are encouraged to serve each other with their food and drinks. The children are supported to prepare their own food, tidy up the area and wash their own cups and plates which promotes their independence.

We started off our winter theme by creating snowflakes for our classroom display. The children used paper and lots of folding and scissors to help them think about their different shapes and patterns. The children threw them up in the air and watched them land on the floor and surfaces. We were able to explore real snowflakes when the weather turned cold and icy. We had lots of fun outside and discussed how snow feels. We gave the children instructions how to stay safe and used teamwork to build a snowman. Children were introduced to new vocabulary and also to develop an enthusiasm and confidence to be inquisitive.


We continue to be ‘maths geniuses’ in Nursery and have learnt lots of new ‘magic maths’ words again this half-term: tall, big, quantity, same, different, number. We have carried out different activities to help us to put these skills into a practical context. We have received parcels from the zoo and used their sizes to guess which animal was inside; used iPads to take photographs of numerals in the environment and investigated patterns to discuss shapes and the mathematical language used to describe them.

Nursery children are increasing their learning through a number of different initiatives that we have introduced this year.  Our latest project is Progress in Partnership in collaboration with the Start Well Family Centre. It is designed for children and their carers to play and have fun around the theme of a book each week. A free copy of the book is given to each family with suggestions for activities at home.

Spring Term 2 2019

See what's happening this term in Nursery  : Spring Term 2 Curriculum Map

World Book Day - 7th March 2019

Summer Term 1 2019

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Summer Term 2 2019

See what's happening this term in Nursery : Summer Term 2 Curriculum Map