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Bedford Hall Methodist Primary School

Bedford Hall Methodist Primary School

Pre-School Nursery

 Autumn Term 1 2018

See whats happening this term in nursery: Autumn Term 1 Curriculum Map

What a fantastic start to nursery our 3 year olds have made! With our new topic, ‘Guess How Much I Love…’ it has been a treat to get to know all about our new children, their families and what they love.  Because children were showing their caring side with the dolls and our home corner was being so well-loved, we decided to cultivate these attitudes by developing our role play space into their very own baby nursery.  Excitingly, this was opened by our very own real life baby coming to visit! The children were so caring, showing our class value of love as they helped to feed, play, cuddle and entertain the baby for the afternoon.

Another interest that children have displayed arose from the discovery of some buried vegetables whilst working together to tidy our outdoor space. Children used their senses to help identify that they were potatoes. We then used these to print with paint and took a vote on what to use the rest for and surprise surprise... it was something for them to eat! So we set about washing our hands and potatoes and looked at ways to cook the potatoes to change the shape and texture. With a class vote and menu of chips and mash children went home full of fun-filled memories, full tummies and lots to talk about!

Building our muscles is really important in the early years especially as strong muscles give us greater co-ordination and precision with both our big and small movements. We have been working our muscles hard by taking on climbing challenges on the big fixed equipment, digging in the vegetable patch and seeing just how many bubbles we could make using the mops in the big puddles created on rainy days!

Autumn Term 2 2018

See whats happening this term in nursery: Autumn Term 2 Curriculum Map

Despite the change in weather and the nights drawing in 3 year old nursery has still been a hive of activity.

With families starting the discussion of home children were keen to explore first hand the signs of Autumn so we went for a walk around the school site to see what we could spot. With ‘crunchy leaves’ and ‘golden trees’ there was lots of fantastic new vocabulary being used by the children.

This led us onto thinking about wildlife in the world around us and how they prepare for the wet and windy winter days. We set up an experiment outside using our pumpkins to see if any wildlife would visit our garden when looking for food. We observed the changes to the pumpkins over the term noticing they started to ‘get rotten and mouldy’ but were thrilled to see some nibbles and bugs had enjoyed the feast we had laid out for them.


We have also been very lucky to be invited to take part in Wigan Athletics community trust project ‘ Kids on the Move’. This has seen then come in and deliver an hour a week with our children in the hall. Children have been working on balance and jumping skills and have impressed the team with the progress they have made. Children completed challenges at home and were rewarded at the end of the term with special medals. Well done everyone!

With such a busy half term the children topped it off beautifully with a fantastic nativity performance in the Chapel. The turn out from families made for a packed audience and children loved celebrating afterwards with their homemade biscuits and hot chocolate. They have most definitely earnt themselves a lovely festive break.


Spring Term 1 2019

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Summer Term 1 2019

See whats happening this term in nursery