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Bedford Hall Methodist Primary School

Bedford Hall Methodist Primary School

Pre-School Nursery

 Autumn Term 1 2018

See what's happening this term in nursery: Autumn Term 1 Curriculum Map

What a fantastic start to nursery our 3 year olds have made! With our new topic, ‘Guess How Much I Love…’ it has been a treat to get to know all about our new children, their families and what they love.  Because children were showing their caring side with the dolls and our home corner was being so well-loved, we decided to cultivate these attitudes by developing our role play space into their very own baby nursery.  Excitingly, this was opened by our very own real life baby coming to visit! The children were so caring, showing our class value of love as they helped to feed, play, cuddle and entertain the baby for the afternoon.

Another interest that children have displayed arose from the discovery of some buried vegetables whilst working together to tidy our outdoor space. Children used their senses to help identify that they were potatoes. We then used these to print with paint and took a vote on what to use the rest for and surprise surprise... it was something for them to eat! So we set about washing our hands and potatoes and looked at ways to cook the potatoes to change the shape and texture. With a class vote and menu of chips and mash children went home full of fun-filled memories, full tummies and lots to talk about!

Building our muscles is really important in the early years especially as strong muscles give us greater co-ordination and precision with both our big and small movements. We have been working our muscles hard by taking on climbing challenges on the big fixed equipment, digging in the vegetable patch and seeing just how many bubbles we could make using the mops in the big puddles created on rainy days!

Autumn Term 2 2018

See what's happening this term in nursery: Autumn Term 2 Curriculum Map

Despite the change in weather and the nights drawing in 3 year old nursery has still been a hive of activity.

With families starting the discussion of home children were keen to explore first hand the signs of Autumn so we went for a walk around the school site to see what we could spot. With ‘crunchy leaves’ and ‘golden trees’ there was lots of fantastic new vocabulary being used by the children.

This led us onto thinking about wildlife in the world around us and how they prepare for the wet and windy winter days. We set up an experiment outside using our pumpkins to see if any wildlife would visit our garden when looking for food. We observed the changes to the pumpkins over the term noticing they started to ‘get rotten and mouldy’ but were thrilled to see some nibbles and bugs had enjoyed the feast we had laid out for them.


We have also been very lucky to be invited to take part in Wigan Athletics community trust project ‘ Kids on the Move’. This has seen then come in and deliver an hour a week with our children in the hall. Children have been working on balance and jumping skills and have impressed the team with the progress they have made. Children completed challenges at home and were rewarded at the end of the term with special medals. Well done everyone!

With such a busy half term the children topped it off beautifully with a fantastic nativity performance in the Chapel. The turn out from families made for a packed audience and children loved celebrating afterwards with their homemade biscuits and hot chocolate. They have most definitely earnt themselves a lovely festive break.


Spring Term 1 2019

See what's happening this term in nursery: Spring Term 1 Curriculum Map

Our beautiful world has yet again served us with plenty of inspiration for learning in nursery this half term. We have been looking out for rainbows with the wet and wonderful weather.  This then sparked an interest in colour leading us to start with searching for colours in our class room, making and mixing colours then investigating colour and tasting the rainbow through cooking with brightly coloured foods.

We used the colourful objects we found to make a huge rainbow, this reminded us of the promise that God made to show his love to us.  We shared our own preferences on colour and celebrated the diversity in our preferences in class. Using the book Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly by Nick Sharratt helped us to discuss the value of being confident and able to express our own individuality and respecting others.

We then talked about how colours might change/mix if they made ‘friends’ with each other. We introduced this idea through the observations children made watching the skittle experiment. ‘The colours are all coming together’ ‘ Its magic, they are changing’  ‘ Look it turned orange’. Children set up their own experiments as well as investigating using paints during continuous provision.  This led to children discussing what colourful foods they liked. What became clear was there was a set of golden arches that children were particularly interested in so we developed a small role play area replicating McDonalds which children used to develop maths, writing, role play and social play opportunities.

To balance out this discussion of food we decided to use the festival of Chinese New Year to introduce a healthier alternative. So children were introduced to a range of colourful vegetables and they selected, prepared and stir fried these with some noodles their festive feast to enjoy.


The festivities were finished with a colourful and noisy display in the playground. Children worked together to create a magnificent colourful Chinese dragon and instruments which they took outside and danced under like the parades that take place around the world to celebrate this special time.


Spring Term 2 2019

See what's happening this term in nursery: Spring Term 2 Curriculum Map

With the promise of Easter treats and lots of chocolate we decided this was the perfect term to discover ways to keep fit and healthy in Nursery. We started off by immersing ourselves in the story Jack and the Beanstalk and planted some magic bean- full of hopes and imagination. We were thrilled to watch it grow up, up, up. Children learned what plants need to help them grow and took on the responsibility of watering and ensuring their plants were put in a sunny spot.

We then started looking at other things that grow and brought in different fruit and vegetables from home to look at and compare. We had all sorts, apples, celery, leeks, melon, chillies and even a dragon fruit. The children were introduced to the Italian artist Guiseppe Acrimboldo and discovered his portrait work was made up of fruit and vegetables too and we spotted them in our art gallery tour.

Children set about creating their own pictures using the fruit and vegetables we had brought in from home. They then recreated their work by using a paint app on the IPAD, doing an observational drawing or doing a cutting and sticking picture. Our Artists really impressed us with their finished pieces and were so proud to add their ‘signatures’ to their projects ready for our showcase. Our families were invited in to view our work and given an extra special healthy treat of a fruit smoothie while they enjoyed the tour around. The feedback was brilliant and the children enjoyed celebrating their achievements.

Our term was finished with a highlight of a special visit from the CleverCogs team who brought their Learning Street to Bedford Hall. We went to the community hall which had been transformed into an immersive learning zone with four areas to explore. There was a police station where we had to dress up, help find the stolen money and put together mug shots to identify the thieves. We were helped out by a real life PCSO too and all order was restored when we located the lost money box.

There was a builders yard and we worked together as a team to lay a floor, build a door way and fit the pipe work to a luxury new home. We had to carefully use the tools and make sure we had our hard hats at all times in case any bricks fell.

Then we were able to show our caring side as we ventured into the vets surgery and cared for all the poorly animals. We were faced with all kinds of problems a tiger with a sore tooth, a snake that couldn’t slither, a dog with a limp and a cat that needed an injection. The children did a super job and showed our class value of love with their gentle nature and going that extra mile to ensure all pets were happy and comfortable during their visit.

The last station saw us transform ourselves into palaeontologists in search of missing t-rex bones. With our hats on and brushes in hand we carefully searched every nook and cranny to discover the missing bones. After we had found them we worked together to painstakingly build the skeleton piece by piece. This is the way we learn about dinosaurs and other animals that lived millions of years ago.

This term has been totally Roarsome!


Summer Term 1 2019

See what's happening this term in nursery: Summer Term 1 Curriculum Map

With plenty of rain and sunshine this half term we have been eagerly trying to spot a rainbow in the skies above school. Unfortunately,  we haven’t been able to spot any so we had to find colour in other ways. We started our search by sharing the story Only One You, learning about the colour and diversity that fill our oceans and the wonder it brings.

The children were inspired to create their own ocean on our playground and filled it with colour and patterns of all shapes and sizes. It looked amazing!

We then gave each child a pebble to design their own fish that could reflect them- using their favourite colours, including some of their favourite things, adding features that are unique to them. We have proudly put them outside our classroom to share with families and celebrate the diversity in our own nursery and community.

We then shared the story Superkid and realised that all around us we were blessed with people with all kinds of skills and ‘special powers’. We set ourselves a challenge to share our powers with others and celebrated our individuality. No superhero is complete without a proper superhero name and costume either so we had to really tune our ears in to discover some amazing alliterating names that would match the colourful creative costumes children created.


Children returned after the Easter break and seem to have grown taller and stronger just like the characters in one of our favourite stories, The Three Little Pigs. We revisited this story and it sparked an interest in houses and homes.

We researched to find out about different houses around the world learning about tents, yurts, log cabins, mud huts, shacks, bungalows, flats and houses.

We worked together to collect materials, mix them and use them to construct a mud hut of their very own. We watched as the mixture dried out and hardened to form a stronger material, it was like magic. We had to show good team work and lots of perseverance as it wasn’t a quick job!


   The end of half term was here before we knew it and we brought our two year old nursery friends along on our final adventure. This saw us coming to school with our bags packed and holiday clothes on and us using our imagination get on a plane and travel across the sea over to France. Together we feasted on a tasty French breakfast, went on a hunt to spot famous French landmarks and learnt some traditional French nursery rhymes. These experiences expose us new vocabulary and set our aspirations wide giving us plenty of memories to share with our families when we get home.

Summer Term 2 2019

See what's happening this term in nursery: Summer Term 2 Curriculum Map

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