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Westleigh Methodist Primary School

Westleigh Methodist Primary School


Autumn Term 1 2019

See what's happening this term in Reception  : Autumn Term 1 Curriculum Map 

This half term we have been thinking about hibernation and animals that are nocturnal. We have had a special visitor in school and the children had the opportunity to hold and stroke the animals. Reception had the task of making something linked to our topic at home and they made some fantastic projects.  The highlight of our half term was our fantastic nativity! Reception have worked so hard to learn all the songs and their words! They have well and truly blown us away. 

In maths we have been learning all about number and finding one more and one less and exploring what a number really is. Reception really enjoy engaging in the maths activities in the continuous provision.

Autumn Term 2 2018

See what's happening this term in Reception  : Autumn Term 2 Curriculum Map

Spring Term 1 2019

See what's happening this term in Reception  : Spring Term 1 Curriculum Map

In Reception we have been focusing on Read Write Inc to help us with our sounds and blending. We are starting to use our phonics confidently and apply phonics within our writing. In Maths we have been focusing on both number and space shape and measure. Look at all our busy work below.  Our Topic this half term has been ‘people who help us’ we have looked at lots of different people who help us. Talking about the emergency services, our grown ups and lots of other people who help us in lots of different ways.

Spring Term 2 2019

See what's happening this term in Reception  : Spring Term 2 Curriculum Map

World Book Day - 7th March 2019

In Reception we have been learning about the topic Farm, New Life and Growing. Firstly we set up a farm shop full of different fruit and vegetables and we designed labels for the items in our shop by using our phonic knowledge to sound out and write the words. During this term we learnt about money and used money in the farm shop to extend our learning. The children had so much fun pretending to buy items and pay for them, throughout the experience children used language such as “pounds”, “penny”, “amount”, “change” “silver”, “bronze” and number names.

One of our core books this term we have learnt about is “Jack and the Beanstalk”. From this the children got a letter from the giant, asking them to measure items around the room and find items that are the longer, shorter and the same size as his footprint. The children also wrote rules for the giant on how to be friendly and nice and the children also had chance to grow their own beanstalks by planting their own beans.


At the end of the term we had a visit from Bowland Farm who brought various animals from the farm to come and visit us. The children had so much fun feeding, stroking and holding the animals. The children seen sheep, alpacas, chickens, baby chicks, ducks and goats. The children enjoyed learning about the different animals on the farm. From the visit the children then wrote about their farm experiences and drew pictures.

Special events: For World Book Day, we dressed up and talked about our favourite books. For Pancake Day, we made pancakes, paid for our toppings with money and put our favourite toppings on top. For Rainbow Day, we celebrated how everybody is different and drew pictures of ourselves and our families.

Summer Term 1 2019

See what's happening this term in Reception  : Summer Term 1 Curriculum Map

This term we have been learning about transport. Firstly we learnt about old and new transport the children enjoyed looking at old and new transport and discussing similarities/ differences and change. The children also spoke about their personal experiences on transport.

This term in math we have been looking at more and fewer, 1 more, 1 less and addition. The children have enjoyed learning different ways to find the answer.



Two of our core books we have learnt this term is ‘Mr Grumpy’s Motor Car’ and ‘Whatever Next’. From these stories we have done fantastic writing, we have wrote shopping lists and we have wrote what animals were in the story.



The children have also been trying really hard with their writing by applying their phonic knowledge to their independent self-initiated tasks.

Summer Term 2 2019

See what's happening this term in Reception  : Summer Term 2 Curriculum Map

This half term our topic has been ‘seaside adventure’. We began our topic by looking at different sea creatures, learning about them and finding amazing facts about them. The children particularly enjoyed learning about the top 10 deadliest underwater creatures.

In literacy this term we looked at fiction and non-fiction books on animals that live under the sea. Firstly we sorted different books by carefully looking at what the book entails. From this we then looked at fiction stories and we story mapped our own story and then wrote it. We created our story by linking it to our favourite sea creature. The children came up with some fantastic stories and they were able to describe what happened at the beginning, middle and end of their story. We then looked at nonfiction books and we learnt facts about different sea creatures, from this we played guess who and wrote facts about our favourite sea creature. 

In addition to this, in literacy we have been trying really hard to read and write our irregular common words. The children have produced some fantastic sentences independently using the words they have learnt. 

In maths this term we have looked at recognising numbers 10-20, shapes, patterns and doubling, halving and sharing. The children particularly enjoyed doubling with mirrors and sea shells. 

Near the end of the term we had a terrible robbery in the classroom, somebody stole Sunny our class teddy. To get Sunny back we had to complete all the challenges in the areas of the classroom. The children used their thinking hats to think about how the robbery happened, who did it, how it made them feel, what they need to do to get Sunny back and ways they could catch the thief.

Overall we have had a fantastic last term in reception, I wish the children every success as they move to year 1!