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Bedford Hall Methodist Primary School

Bedford Hall Methodist Primary School


Autumn Term 1 2018

See whats happening this term in Reception  : Autumn Term 1 Curriculum Map  

It's been a fantastic start to our Reception class here at Bedford Hall Methodist. We have had a very busy start taking part in whole school assemblies, being on the big yard at dinner time and especially our key stage one and EYFS harvest assembly. 

It's certainly been an exciting start. We have made lots of new friends, some we have remembered from Bedford Nursery and some have joined us this year, but the best thing about our Reception is that we are one BIG TEAM!


When it's home time we want to stay and carry on our learning which is always exciting. But we know that when we arrive the following day our learning is always waiting for us and so are our teachers who always wear their smiles. We are really proud of all our reception children. A fantastic start ! 

Autumn Term 2 2018

See whats happening this term in Reception: Autumn Term 2 Curriculum Map  

In Reception we have been focussing on what happens when we go to sleep.

At the beginning of the topic we thought about which animals came out at night and which came out during the day.  We learnt the technical terms for these animals, nocturnal and diurnal.  We created pictures of the animals and created a display.  Alongside finding out about animals we looked at light sources and created different light sources to go on our display.


Further into our topic we looked Bonfire night and found out why we celebrate this festival.  We made bonfire night pictures, and created rocket using 3D shapes.  We also learnt about Divali, the Hindu festival of lights, and made diva lamps to celebrate.


Towards the end of our topic we looked at the story Aliens Love Underpants, and designed and made our own pants for the aliens.

To end our half term, we learnt about the Nativity story and took part in our Nativity play, Lights, Camel, Action.  We also used different media to create a large scale display of the nativity scene, and then wrote labels to identify the different characters.


​​​​​​​Spring Term 1 2019

See whats happening this term in Reception: Spring Term 1 Curriculum Map   

Summer Term 1 2019

See whats happening this term in Reception