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Bedford Hall Methodist Primary School

Bedford Hall Methodist Primary School

Year 2

Autumn Term 1 2018

See:  what's happening this term in Year 2 : Autumn Term 1 Curriculum Map

What an amazing start Year 2 have had to the year! They have all settled comfortably into Year 2 life, adjusting to their new classroom and routines. Year 2 got off to an exciting start when we received a letter from a Lighthouse Keeper called Mr Grinling!

 He asked us to design him a new sandwich for his lunch because some pesky seagulls kept stealing his! We made some yummy sandwiches and even got to try them out ourselves. From this, we took part in lots of writing activities such as writing instructions, character descriptions and information texts.


We also had an interesting start to our Creative Curriculum topic ‘Land Ahoy!’ We were asked to make a boat for a pirate using different construction equipment. We had some fantastic designs and the children loved explaining their creations to the rest of the class. In our geography lessons we have been learning all about maps and have even created our own treasure maps. In History we have been finding out about famous explorers Christopher Colombus and Captain James Cook and we designed a memorial for our favourite explorer. For our science topic, we have been learning all about materials. We enjoyed taking part in an investigation where we explored how materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting or stretching them.


We have had also made a great start in our maths lessons – we have been learning all about place value and addition and subtraction. We have been partitioning numbers into tens and ones, looking at number bonds, adding and subtracting and even using the column method.

Well done Year 2, Keep up the hard work!

Autumn Term 2 2018

See what's happening this term in Year 2: Autumn Term 2 Curriculum Map 

We have had such a busy and exciting half term in Year 2! In English, our book this half term was called ‘Pretty’ by Canizales. We found out that this book is about a witch so we imagined what the witch would look like by thinking about what we already know about witches. We then showed our drawings to the class and explained why we had drawn the witches in this particular way. We have been working really hard with our writing this half term and have written instructions, narrative, invitations and recounts. We have been focussing on including expanded noun phrases, verbs, adverbs and conjunctions to make our writing more interesting.


We also had an interesting start to our Creative Curriculum topic ‘Wriggle and Crawl’. We went on a minibeast hunt around school to find different minibeasts and thought about why they may live in these places. We then had a visit from ‘Animals Takeover’ who brought some minibeasts for us to look at, stroke and even hold! We were very brave and found out lots of exciting and interesting facts. We have done lots of map work this half term and have been drawing our own maps, identifying continents, countries and oceans. In design and technology, we designed our own minibeasts and made these using clay and other materials. We also looked at the life cycle of a butterfly and created an animation for this in our computing lesson.



This half term, we had a special visitor in RE from RE On Demand.. We found out all about Islam including the place of worship, celebrations and traditions. We were able to try on clothing, have a close look at Islamic artefacts, try some food, have a go at drawing mandelas and copied some Arabic writing.

Well done Year 2, Keep up the hard work!

Spring Term 1 2019

See what's happening this term in Year 2: Spring Term 1 Curriculum Map

This half term the book we have looked at is ‘The True Story of the Three Little Pigs’. We had a shock on the first day back as Mr Holdsworth left us a picture of a wolf in our classroom! We were very confused and wrote lots of questions, commands and exclamation sentences about the wolf. We also did lots of writing around the story including information texts, diaries, glossaries and fairytales.

Our creative curriculum topic this half term has been ‘Towers, Tunnels and Turrets’. We designed our own castles and created these using lots of different junk materials. We were very proud of our castles and our hard work really paid off. We learnt a lot about different monarchs, including the role of monarchs and compared different ones such as Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria. We also did some hot seating pretending that we were Richard I.


In Science, we did an investigation which involved testing the strength of different materials. We built a wall of bricks and tested which materials could knock the most bricks down. From this, we decided which material would be best to use in a catapult.

In computing, we have learnt how to be photographers. We reviewed some photos, took our own and edited some pictures of Queen Elizabeth using the different editing techniques we had been taught. The results were amazing!


  Spring term 2 2019

See what's happening this term in Year 2: Spring Term 2 Curriculum Map

What another busy half term we have had! We started off our English work with a big shock! We we entered our classroom to find an awful mess in our reflection area. We received a letter from the police asking for our help to investigate what had happened. We investigated the crime scene and wrote a letter to the detective explaining what we thought had happened. We then began to read our book for this half term which was ‘Biscuit Bear’. We designed a missing poster for biscuit bear and wrote diaries, letters and narratives based on this book.


Our creative curriculum topic this half term has been ‘Street Detectives’. We started off our topic with an investigation by exploring pictures of Leigh in the past and present and identifying the differences. We have explored Leigh by identifying physical and human features, recreating maps and identifying houses and homes in our local area. We have also learnt about an artist called Claude Monet and have recreated one of his paintings.

As part of our English and design and technology work, we evaluated different biscuit styles, designed our own biscuit, followed instructions to make our own biscuits and then evaluated these. We loved this activity and were especially creative with our biscuit designs.


Summer term 1 2019

See what's happening this term in Year 2: Summer Term 1 Curriculum Map

Summer term 2 2019

See what's happening this term in Year 2: Summer Term 2 Curriculum Map

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