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Westleigh Methodist Primary School

Westleigh Methodist Primary School

Year 4

Autumn Term 1 2018

See what's happening this term in Year 4  : Autumn Term 1 Curriculum Map

This half term we have really enjoyed our music lessons with Mr. Parr. We have been learning to play melodies on the xylophones and learning to play an ostinato together. We have also started to read music and now we can recognise different musical notes!

Our topic this half term has been Traders and Raiders - all about the ruthless Anglo-Saxons and Vikings! We started our topic by learning about how Vikings travelled across Europe in their longships. We looked at paintings of them and identified their features. We found out that they used the shields for defence and protection. We created our own shields out of recycled materials and painted them in vibrant colours.

We have been writing Newspaper reports based on our the book as a hook ‘I want my hat back’.  Ava and Lexie produced super reports using the features of a headline, subheadings and columns and provided strong images to hook the reader in. 



Autumn Term 2 2018

See what's happening this term in Year 4  : Autumn Term 2 Curriculum Map

As part of our ‘Book as a Hook’ curriculum, Year 4 have been investigating clues that were left in the classroom. They analysed the clues to work out what the items could be used for and tried to predict what our new class book is. The clues were: a crown, a wand, a horn, a potion, a sword and a box of Turkish delight. Can you guess what our new book is?

Our Science topic this half-term is States of Matter. We have loved learning all about solids, liquids and gases! We have been focusing on the properties of solids, liquids and gases and learning about the different particle structures. We pretended that we were the particles in each state. We discussed how solid particles are packed tightly together and are always bonded, how liquid particles are still bonded together but have a bit more room and how gases are not bonded together at all and are free to fly around. Can you guess which particles we are pretending to be in this picture?

Our Creative Curriculum topic is Misty Mountain Sierra. We have been learning all about mountains around the world and how they are formed. We found out some amazing facts through our enquiries! We have been developing our mapping skills by interpreting maps to locate mountainous regions in the UK. We have used compasses to learn geographical terminology of positions and to understand directions. We found out where different mountainous regions are located in relation to Westleigh!

Spring Term 1 2019

See what's happening this term in Year 4  : Spring Term 1 Curriculum Map


Year 4 have had a very exciting Spring term! We have really enjoyed our science topic on electricity. We started off learning all about electrical safety and learnt lots of top tips to remember on how to keep ourselves and others safe in our homes and school. Our favourite part has been constructing our own circuits. We got to use the different components - wires, cells, buzzers, bulbs and motors - and we were challenged to make them work. We realised that you have to connect the components in a complete circuit in order for them to work. One of us posed the question ‘What would happen to the bulb if we connected more than one battery?’ So we decided to investigate! We were so excited when we saw that the bulb became even brighter! However, we learnt that you must make sure the voltage of the combined batteries doesn’t exceed the bulb wattage.


We have continued our topic on Roman Britain. We analysed the historical source of the Vindolanda tablets to find evidence about what life was like in Roman Britain. We found out lots of interesting information including what is believed to be the world’s oldest example of a birthday invitation! We also learnt about Queen Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni tribe. We investigated why she led a rebellion against Roman rule. We had great fun writing our own speeches and performing them in role as Boudicca, about why the Celts should join her in the rebellion. They were all very impressive, passionate and persuasive. We have studied images of Roman pottery that have been unearthed and practised our sketching skills by drawing them. We then created our own piece of Roman style pottery using clay and etched detail into them. We used paint to add bright colours and make them stand out. They all looked brilliant!

Spring Term 2 2019

See what's happening this term in Year 4  : Spring Term 2 Curriculum Map

World Book Day - 7th March 2019

We had a superb day celebrating World Book Day! Miss Fletcher thought we looked amazing as we came dressed up as some of our favourite book characters. We shared our favourite books and what we enjoy most about them.

We also celebrated Rainbow Day where we learnt all about diversity and the importance of equality and respect for all people. We loved having a special visitor to class in the form of Unity the Wigan Pride bunny! Miss Fletcher was very impressed with the maturity and understanding that we showed in our learning and discussions.


  Summer Term 1 2019

See what's happening this term in Year 4  : Summer Term 1 Curriculum Map

Our topic this half-term has been Road Trip USA. To start off our topic we went on a treasure hunt to visit some of the US states and found out more about the Native American tribes that originated from there. We then developed our geography skills by using atlases to correctly locate the states on a map.


We learnt more about the USA by going on another treasure hunt, gathering information about the characteristics and features of different states. We looked in more detail at significant cities and reported on their size, location, human features and physical features.


Summer Term 2 2019

See what's happening this term in Year 4  : Summer Term 2 Curriculum Map