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Westleigh Methodist Primary School

Westleigh Methodist Primary School

Year 5

Autumn Term 1 2018

See what's happening this term in Year 5  : Autumn Term 1 Curriculum Map

The children entered the year exploring the topic 'Pharaohs'. We took part in an Egyptian day where we dressed up, studied artefacts, took part in role-play and learnt all about life as an Egyptian. Kaitlyn from Year 5 commented, 'It was really cool, I loved the acting and dressing in Egyptian head wear.'


Autumn Term 2 2018

See what's happening this term in Year 5  : Autumn Term 2 Curriculum Map

To start our topic 'Peasants, Princes and Pestilence', we had our own medieval banquet, here we drank 'wine' and tasted many foods that royal Kings would have eaten in those days. Unfortunately, during our meal one of the guests died from the plague, this lead us on a journey to find out all about the plague: how it spread, how people tried to cure it and the history of life during the medieval times. We explored what life was like as a knight, king and the hierarchy during those times.


Spring Term 1 2019

See what's happening this term in Year 5  : Spring Term 1 Curriculum Map

This term our topic was 'Beast Creator', we explored reproduction in plants and animals and the life cycle of different animals. We started the term dissecting flowers and looking at the different parts which allow the flower to reproduce. 


We also had a visit from an owl, a snail, cockroaches, a sugar glider, a pygmy hedgehog and even a frog (which loved climbing up our walls!). Not only did we learn some amazing facts about their habitats and how they reproduce so differently, we also got to touch and hold them!


During the snowy weather we took advantage and explored the outdoors (wrapped in our coats and gloves of course). We built a snowman and had lots of fun! 



Spring Term 2 2019

See what's happening this term in Year 5  : Spring Term 2 Curriculum Map

World Book Day - 7th March 2019