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Westleigh Methodist Primary School

Westleigh Methodist Primary School

Year 5

Autumn Term 1 2018

See whats happening this term in Year 5  : Autumn Term 1 Curriculum Map

Autumn Term 2 2018

See whats happening this term in Year 5  : Autumn Term 2 Curriculum Map

Spring Term 1 2019

See whats happening this term in Year 5  : Spring Term 1 Curriculum Map



Year 5 have had a lovely relaxing start to the year by practising Yoga: to calm our senses, relax our bodies and maximise our brains! They are ready for any challenges that Year 5 throws at them!


Alchemy Island

As well as being masters of their own bodies, we also have some budding Alchemist’s Apprentices in the class! The children have been cracking riddles, following treasure maps, journeying through the torturous Alchemy Island and carrying out toxic experiments on contaminated sources found on their quest!