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Bedford Hall Methodist Primary School

Bedford Hall Methodist Primary School

Year 5

Autumn Term 1 2018

See whats happening this term in Year 5:  Autumn Term 1 Curriculum Map

This half term our topic has been PHARAOHS. We have been learning all about what life was like in Ancient Egypt. We had an amazing time during our Egyptian Day; we dressed up as Egyptian farmers, High Priests, Pharaohs and Egyptian princesses and learnt all about the history of Ancient Egypt through drama and story-telling, all whilst getting to handle Egyptian artefacts!

We have also found out where Egypt is in the world.  It has been interesting comparing the geographical differences between Ancient Egypt to Egypt today.


In science, we have been learning about space. We carried out an investigation to explore the sun’s apparent movement across the sky. Throughout the day we drew around our shadows, measuring them and recording their length and direction.


We have also really enjoyed our communication lessons in English. We have discussed a number of questions including, ‘What makes us human?’ which also linked to our class value ‘Equality’.

Autumn Term 2 2018

See whats happening this term in Year 5:  Autumn Term 2 Curriculum Map

Great  Expectations

This half term, we have been reading ‘Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens. To introduce the story, we had a mysterious table set up in our classroom. After reading, we discovered that it was Miss Havisham’s wedding table and that, after having her heart broken, she remained in her wedding dress for the rest of her life! We really enjoyed listening to the story and creating exciting pieces of writing based on it.


Our Medieval Banquet!

At the start of the half term we were invited to attend a medieval banquet, which linked to our creative curriculum topic ‘Princes, peasants and pestilence’. At the banquet, we tried some traditional medieval dishes such as meat pies, herb potatoes and tarts!


Manchester Jewish Museum

We have also visited Manchester Jewish Museum to follow on with our R.E work on Judaism. It was amazing to see inside a Synagogue and handle Jewish artefacts. We learnt about the routines that happen inside a Synagogue and about Shabbat.

Super Scientists!

In Science we have carried out a number of experiments to investigate how forces work. We discovered how gravity works and how to measure gravity using a newton meter. We also investigated the effects of air resistance on falling objects and created our own parachutes to test for the best results.


Spring Term 1 2019

See whats happening this term in Year 5: Spring Term 1 Curriculum Map 

Summer Term 1 2019

See whats happening this term in Year 5